About Us

We are SHIELD TRAINING CENTER, the Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Public Safety Training Consortium; an organization in the north state where public safety entities have formally joined forces to execute a vision to provide frequent and affordable training courses for all public safety organizations in our region.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, multiple attempts were made by the various fire department organizations in Shasta County to secure grant funding for a regional fire training center through local philanthropists. In the north state much of the technical training needed was unavailable and departments were forced to send employees’ out of the area at extremely high costs. The costs were so high that it limited the number of employees that could be sent for the trainings, if they could afford to send any at all. So, in 1998, the Shasta College Regional Fire Training Center Advisory Committee was formed to bring together regional fire organizations from Shasta, Trinity and Tehama counties to even further organize the effort for a regional training facility. However, as their efforts increased so did the training requirements, and fewer and fewer departments were able to maintain what was needed on their own. Their strenuous attempts failed time and time again and a deteriorating economy forced the hopes for this much needed facility to be placed on hold. Grant funding to support such a project required better times and a fine tuned proposal that had yet to be made.

So, it is with great pleasure that we present the newly formed SHIELD TRAINING CENTER, the Shasta-Trinity-Tehama Public Safety Training Consortium. Today, SHIELD is made up of nineteen Public Safety Member Agencies from our tri-counties. Located at 4300 Caterpillar Road, SHIELD has a training facility spanning nearly 48,500 square feet that includes seven classroom spaces, a mat room, a force option simulator room, five conference rooms, eleven offices and two additional breakout rooms with room to expand. It’s members also gain access to classrooms and training grounds at the brand new Shasta College Regional Public Safety Training Facility.

Through this collaborative effort, relationships will be forged and strengthened, culminating in a higher level of service to the public. The goal is to reduce, if not eliminate, the need to send employees away for training as the training will now be offered locally.

Together we protect and serve our community.


To develop and provide effective and sustainable public safety training for responders serving Shasta-Tehama-Trinity counties.


To be a model multi-jurisdictional public safety training program for the state and nation, and to provide a higher level of service to our communities.​


Brian Barner, Captain, Redding Police Department – Chair

Brian Barner has been with the Redding Police Department for 23 years, and currently serves as a Captain and the Division Commander of the Field Operation Division. He earned his Bachelors in Criminal Justice Administration and his Masters in Public Administrations. His past assignments include SWAT, K9, Investigations, Traffic/ Motors and Administration.

Sean O’Hara, Unit Chief, CAL FIRE Shasta-Trinity Unit – Co-Chair

Chief Sean O’Hara currently oversees the Shasta-Trinity Unit (SHU) for CAL FIRE, he began his career 2000. Sean has promoted through the ranks to Deputy Chief of Operations, working in different assignments from State and County fires stations, Conservation Camp Program, Helitack Program, Field Battalion Chief, and Assistant Chief of Administration prior to accepting the SHU Deputy Chief of Operations in 2021. Chief O’Hara has been involved in many training cadres as the course coordinator, and in curriculum development for different program in the state. Chief O’Hara has served for 5 years on Incident Management Team 5, and in 2021 was an Incident Commander trainee. Sean has an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science from Shasta Community College.

Eva Jimenez, Vice President of Economic Workforce and Development, Shasta College – Treasurer

In addition to her role as Executive Director of the Shasta College Foundation, Eva Jimenez currently serves as the Vice President of Economic and Workforce Development where she manages grant managers and is responsible for the outcomes of numerous grants totaling close to $15 million. Many of these grants involve partnerships with K-12 and community industry partners. Ms. Jimenez began her journey at Shasta College as a business instructor seventeen years ago. She delivered courses in business management, marketing, entrepreneurship, leadership and other business-related topics. Ms. Jimenez played an integral role in delivering customer service modules to many community partners during her instructional years. For the past nine years, Ms. Jimenez has served as an administrator which allows her to utilize her twenty years of private-industry management experience.

Currently, Ms. Jimenez serves as a member of the Redding Rotary, United Way Board,  and Dignity Health North State Advisory Board. Additionally, Ms. Jimenez is President-elect of the California Community College Association for Occupational Education, an 800 member organization affiliated with our system.  Her most accomplished work at Shasta College has been as founder of the STEP-UP program.  STEP-UP is a restorative justice program which started in 2012.  Since then, the program has served hundreds of students and it has received numerous awards and recognitions across the state.

Prior to Shasta College, Ms. Jimenez worked for a financial institution in Sacramento, California where she managed over 180 employees. Ms. Jimenez has earned her master’s degree in business administration, which coupled with over twenty years of experience in professional, organized, and customer-oriented environments is a testament to her drive and passion for the promotion of economic growth through high quality education and services that focus on workforce improvement.

On the weekends Eva enjoys hiking and spending time with friends and family. Eva is a wife and is a proud mother of two beautiful ladies. Her most accomplished personal success story has been beating breast cancer in 2018!

Chris Smyrnos, Lieutenant, SHASCOM – Deputy Treasurer

Lieutenant Chris Smyrnos started his law enforcement career as a dispatcher with the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office in 2000. Chris became a police officer in the City of Santa Maria in May of 2002 and then moved to the Redding Police Department in November of 2003. Chris promoted to Lieutenant in March of 2021 and is currently serving as the Director at SHASCOM. Chris earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Management from Union Institute and University in 2010. Chris has worked several assignments including Field Operations, the Neighborhood Police Unit, and Administration.”

Ruby Fierro, Chief Probation Officer, Trinity County Probation

Ruby Fierro has enjoyed working in the field of probation since 1998.  She earned a Bachelors’ Degree in Criminology and Corrections from CSU, Northridge in 2000.  Ruby has served as the Chief Probation Officer of Trinity County since 2021. Ruby is married to a CHP officer, whose efforts to move north brought them from southern California.  This allowed Ruby to have the benefit of working in several counties throughout California and Arizona. They have both served in the north state since 2006. Ruby has been a board member of the Shasta County Peace Officers Memorial Coalition since 2013.  Ruby and her husband have a daughter who lives locally and works in health care.  They have a son serving in the United States Air Force.

Todd Garber, Division Chief, CAL FIRE Northern Region Training

(Not Pictured)

Todd Garber began his career with CAL FIRE in 1998 as a Firefighter in the Butte Unit.  Todd spent the first 8 years of his career on the municipal firefighting side of CAL FIRE where he was a member of the Butte Interagency Hazardous Materials Team.  While he was in the Butte Unit, he was assigned to Fire Stations in both Chico and Oroville.  Throughout his diverse career, Todd has worked in both municipal and wildland fire stations, he has worked in the Emergency Command Center, worked with inmates in CAL FIRE’s camp program, and was recently assigned to CAL FIRE’s Northern Region Operations Center where he functioned as a CAL FIRE Duty Officer.

After serving as a Firefighter, Fire Apparatus Engineer, Fire Captain, and Battalion Chief in several units across Northern California, Todd accepted his current position as the Division Chief of CAL FIRE’s Northern Region Training program. During his years of service, Todd has been actively involved in many training cadres and working groups.

Todd holds an Associates Degree from Orange Coast College.  He currently resides in Redding with his son Joseph. He enjoys geocaching, fishing, and camping.

Joseph Hendrix, Chief Investigator, Shasta County District Attorney’s Office

Chief Investigator Joe Hendrix was born and raised in northern California.  After serving in the United States Marine Corps he attended the 97th Basic Law Enforcement Academy at Butte College in 1997.  Joe was hired by the Tehama County Sheriff’s Department after he graduated from the academy where he served as a custody deputy, SWAT team member as well as a member of the Marijuana Eradication Team.  In 2000 he moved to the Red Bluff Police Department where he served as a Patrol Officer, Narcotics Agent, SWAT Team Leader, Range Master, and Detective.  In 2006 Joe was hired with the Shasta County District Attorney Bureau of Investigation.  Since being hired with the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office Joe has served in most capacities offered by the Bureau of Investigation.  Joe was chosen as the Chief Investigator in March of 2018.

Joe and his wife Briana have two sons, one is currently finishing his Bachelors of Science in Nursing at Simpson College and the other is a Crew Chief with the United States Air Force where he maintains F35 Lightning aircraft.  Joe and his family enjoy hunting, fishing, and backpacking.

Gerry Magaña, Deputy Chief, CAL FIRE -Tehama Glenn Unit

Gerry Magaña, currently holds the position of Deputy Chief of Operations for the CAL FIRE -Tehama Glenn Unit.

Throughout his diverse career Gerry has worked in both municipal and wildland fire stations, he has worked in the Training Bureau, and spent 12 years assigned to the Vina Helitack base. From there he promoted to Battalion Chief. He also spent 2 years as Ishi’s Conservation Camp Chief. Gerry has been involved with the CAL FIRE Incident Management teams for several years and currently holds the position of Deputy Incident Commander for IMT Team 6.

Gerry has been actively involved in many training cadres including Helicopter Operations and Safety, Helitack Captain, C-234 Intermediate Firing Operations, and served as the Lead Instructor for the Air Rescue Hoist Operations. He currently is one of the instructors for the C400 Extended Attack to Major Wildland Incidents.

Gerry currently resides in Chico, California with his wife and three boys. He enjoys traveling the north state hunting, fishing, camping, and supporting local sporting events.

Tracie Neal, Chief Probation Officer, Shasta County Probation Office

Chief Neal has worked in the field of probation services and community corrections since 1996. She earned her Master of Arts degree in Sociology and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from Humboldt State University. She began her career with Humboldt County Probation Department as a Juvenile Group Counselor and was quickly promoted to a Deputy Probation Officer. In 2000 she moved from Humboldt County to Mono County where she worked through the ranks to Assistant Chief Probation Officer. In 2012, she was hired by Shasta County as the Assistant Chief Probation Officer and has been the Chief Probation Officer since 2013. Throughout her career she’s implemented a number of programs and practices designed to improve the lives of young people, their families, and adults involved in the criminal justice system. She has continued to advance a strong commitment to public safety through the implementation of best practice and evidenced based approaches to improve rehabilitative options for both youth and adults, and community alternatives to detention. Chief Neal is focused on collaborative approaches and partnerships to strengthen individuals and families within the community.

Jacob Nicholas, Lieutenant, California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Jacob Nicholas has been with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife for 17 years working within the Law Enforcement Division.  Nicholas’ career started as a District Game Warden within the North Coast Enforcement District working in the south Bay Area and transferring to Northern Enforcement District working in Colusa and Siskiyou Counties.  During the past 10 years, Nicholas has been a Patrol Lieutenant assigned to Eastern Siskiyou, Modoc, Northern Lassen and Eastern Shasta Counties.  Within the department Lt. Nicholas has been involved with developing an outreach Law Enforcement Program, served as an area recruiter for enforcement, and serves on the Departments PEER Support Team.  Lt. Nicholas’ formal education includes receiving an AA Degree in Administration of Justice from Shasta College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and Minor in Political Science from California State University, Chico and a Master’s Degree in Integrated Resource Management from Colorado State University.  Lt. Nicholas also has been an adjunct instructor for Klamath Community College Criminal Justice Program teaching Administration of Justice and Wildlife Law Enforcement Courses.  He is married to his wife Julia, and they have two sons, Joel and Jason and their daughter, Jenna.  His hobbies include fishing, running, skiing and spending time with his family.

Justin Nunes, Lieutenant, Shasta County Marshal’s Office

Lieutenant Justin Nunes began his law enforcement career in 2001 with the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office after serving in the United States Navy.  In 2009 Justin was hired by the Shasta County Marshal’s Office and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2022.  Throughout his career, Justin has had the opportunity to serve in a number of capacities.  These include, Custody, Patrol, Narcotics Investigator, Canine Handler, Training Officer, and nearly all assignments in the Marshal’s Office.

Quintan Ortega, Operations Division Commander, Red Bluff Police Department

Captain Ortega

Captain Ortega serves as the Operations Division Commander with the Red Bluff Police Department. He began his career in 1997 as a Community Service Officer with Red Bluff and was sponsored to attend the 103rd Law Enforcement Academy at Butte College.  During his career at Red Bluff, Captain Ortega earned his Associate’s Degree at Shasta Community College, graduated from Simpson University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, and held various specialty assignments and positions.

Nate Ramirez, Lieutenant, Anderson Police Department

Nathan Ramirez was born and raised in Anderson, California.  Nathan graduated from Anderson Union High School in 2007 and began attending Shasta College and working for Costco Wholesale.  In 2011, Nathan decided to pursue a career in law enforcement and put himself through the Butte Law Enforcement Academy.  Following his graduation from the police academy, Nathan was hired by the Stockton Police Department.  After ten months with the Stockton Police Department, Nathan was offered a position with the Anderson Police Department (APD) and eagerly returned to his hometown.

During his tenure with APD, he has held the assignments of Field Training Officer, National Night Out Coordinator, School Resource Officer, Background Investigations Supervisor, Training Coordinator, and Field Training Supervisor/Administrator/Coordinator.  In July 2016, Nathan was promoted to Police Sergeant, and in July 2021, he was promoted  to Lieutenant and assigned to command the Field Services Division.

During his time working in law enforcement, Nathan continued his leadership training by successfully completing the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute and Leadership Redding.  Nathan continued his higher education while working and received his Associate of Science in Administration of Justice from Shasta College.

Nathan is married to his wife Amy, and they have a two-year-old daughter, Aubrey. Nathan’s hobbies include fishing, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Jerrod Vanlandingham, Fire Chief, Redding Fire Department

Fire Chief Jerrod Vanlandingham oversees the Redding Fire Department, beginning his career in the fire service in 1993.   He began his service in Redding as an EMT and volunteer firefighter and attended Firefighter Training and EMT programs at both Shasta and Butte College prior to moving to Colorado.  Returning to Redding after 25 years of service to the Longmont Fire Department with eight years as Chief of the Fire Services Division within the Department of Public Safety.

Chief Vanlandingham has served on numerous boards and commissions both local and international.  His collaborative approach has been instrumental in improving ISO ratings, improved response plans and firefighter safety, health and wellness.   He currently serves on the board of SHASCOM and is the Area 1 North Director for the California Fire Chiefs’ Association.

Chief Vanlandingham possesses a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Business Administration, and has attended the University of Maryland Fire Staff and Command School and received the designation of Chief Fire Officer from the Center for Public Safety Excellence Commission on Fire Accreditation  International  in 2018.

Joe Wyse, President, Shasta College

Dr. Joe Wyse is the Superintendent/President of the Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Joint Community College District. He started in this position on August 1, 2011 after serving for the previous four years as Vice President of Administrative Services for Shasta College. He completed his Educational Doctorate in Organizational Leadership at Pepperdine University in May 2014, and holds a Master’s degree in New Testament Studies from Trinity International University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Kenyon College. Dr. Wyse’s prior experience includes serving as Executive Director at the Trinity Law School and Graduate School, part of Trinity International University, California Regional Center, from 2004 – 2007. Dr. Wyse served in several other administrative positions at Trinity International University, including Associate Dean of Administration from 1998 – 2004 and Director of Enrollment Services from 1996 – 1998.

Dr. Wyse serves on the California Community College CEO (CCCCEO) Board, the Northern Rural Training and Employment Consortium (NoRTEC) Workforce Development Board, and is a member of the Mercy Redding Advisory Council. Dr. Wyse has also served on the CCLC Advisory Committee on Legislation, the California Community College Athletic Association Board, and the Association of California Community College Administrators.

Scott R. Fredrick, Captain, California Highway Patrol – Northern Division

Captain Fredrick is a 26-year veteran member of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and currently serves as the Special Services Commander for the Northern Division of the CHP.  Captain Fredrick began his law enforcement career in 1997 as an Officer with the CHP. During this time, he has been promoted to the ranks of Sergeant (2003), Lieutenant (2010), and Captain (2018), where he has served in five different CHP field commands including Redwood City, Hayward, Williams, Redding, and Yreka.

Captain Fredrick has been called to serve in three different administrative assignments within the CHP including its Academy, Protective Services and Northern Divisions.  He is a California Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.)-certified instructor for the First-Line Supervisors Academy, and has instructed law enforcement professionals on Accident Investigation, Criminal Apprehension, Asset Forfeiture, Officer-Involved Shooting Investigation, and Taser Electronic Control Devices. As Captain Fredrick believes in the shaping of our community through service, he currently serves as a Board Member with the United Way of Northern California, while actively participating on their Community Impact, Executive and Governance Committees.

Prior to beginning his career with the CHP, Captain Fredrick was raised in Redding, California, graduated from Enterprise High School, and obtained his Associate of Arts degree in Administration of Justice from Shasta College, Redding—a foundation which he credits with helping him achieve his leadership position in the field of Law Enforcement.  He has earned Advanced, Supervisory, and Management Certificates from P.O.S.T. and is a proud graduate of the prestigious FBI National Academy, Session 267, in 2017.

Captain Fredrick is most inspired by his family, including his wife (married 26 years), son (20) serving in the U.S. Army, and daughter (17) who is a Senior in high school.  In his free time, he enjoys training in CrossFit, listening to and playing music, firing up the BBQ, and spending time with his family (preferably outdoors).

Caleb MacGregor, Lieutenant, Shasta County Sheriff’s Office

Lieutenant Caleb MacGregor has over twenty years of law enforcement experience. He began his law enforcement career with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office in 2002 as a Correctional Officer. In 2005 he promoted to the rank of Deputy and upon completion of the Field Training program was assigned to the Shingletown Resident Deputy Post. In 2008, he promoted to the rank of Detective and was assigned to the Major Crimes Unit. After working nearly three years as a Detective, Caleb transferred to the newly formed AB-109 Compliance Team. In 2016, Caleb promoted to the rank of Sergeant and was assigned to the Enforcement Division. As a Sergeant, Caleb worked assignments at the Burney Station, South County Station, City of Shasta Lake Station and the Office of Emergency Services. In 2021, he promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and is currently the City of Shasta Lake Station Commander.

Donovan Lacy, Director – Fire Technology & EMS Programs, Fire Chiefs Association of Shasta County

Donavan Lacy currently serves as the Director of the Fire and EMS programs at Shasta College, and is the representative for the Fire Chief’s Association of Shasta County.

Don began his fire service career with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection as a Seasonal Firefighter.  Soon thereafter he went to work for the City of Redding Fire Department where he spent the next 32 years.  Following his career with the Redding Fire Department, Don was asked to assist the Anderson Fire Protection District with training their personnel on aerial ladder truck operations.  Following his 5 years with Anderson Fire, Don was asked to fill in as the interim Director of Fire and EMS with Shasta College, and continues to serve now full-time.

Don also serves as the Area 2 Director for the California Training Officer’s Association, covering eight northern counties.

Mark Belden, Operations Manager, American Medical Response- Pacific Region

Mark Belden has been with American Medical Response of Shasta County for 35 years and currently serves as the Operations Manager, a post he has held since 2007.  Mark was born and raised in Anderson, graduating from Anderson High School in 1985.  Mark began his career as a volunteer firefighter in Anderson where he reached the rank of administrative captain.  In EMS, he has held certifications as an EMT, EMT-II, Paramedic, Flight Paramedic, Ambulance Strike Team Leader and Ambulance Strike Team Overhead Leader role.  Mark has a passion for large EMS incident management mitigation and training, frequently teaching classes on Mass Casualty Incident Management.  Mark and his wife Terri have two grown daughters and two goldendoodles. Mark is also the handler for Sager, a company owned therapy dog.

Jason Swann, EMS Operations Director, Dignity Health

(Bio Pending)