Instructor II


Instructor I or Training Instructor I or Fire Instructor I

Educational Requirements


Certification Exam

None (at this time).

Certification Task Book

Instructor II certification task book


  1.  Fire Service
    a. Have a minimum of one year full-time paid (or two years part-time paid/volunteer) experience in a Recognized Fire Agency in California
  2. Teaching
    a.Have an additional 80 hours for a total of 160 hours teaching/training experience within a fire service-related program (with feedback).
    i. Teaching must be related to fire or emergency medical services and delivered in a formal classroom or drill ground environment
    ii. Document all teaching experience in the Certified Instructor Task Book

Rank or Position


Candidate Application

To apply for a certification task book.

  1. Download (from the SFT website), complete and submit:
    1. The SFT Fee Schedule
    2. The certification task book application for the job function certification being pursued
  2. A complete certification task book application package includes:
    1. The SFT Fee Schedule
    2. Nonrefundable payment by check or money order (payable to CAL FIRE – State Fire Training)
    3. The certification task book application
    4. All supporting and verification documentation
  3. Submit the complete certification task book application package to:
    State Fire Training
    Attn: Cashier
    PO Box 997446
    Sacramento, CA 95899-7446

New Instructor II Candidates

Candidates beginning to pursue Instructor I certification as of May 22, 2014 should utilize the new Instructor I curriculum.

Current Fire Instructor II Candidates

Candidates pursuing Fire Instructor II Certification under the existing requirements must complete all requirements; submit their fees, application and all supporting documentation to SFT prior to December 31, 2016.

Equivalency Period

There is NO equivalency between the retired Training Instructor courses and the new Instructor II courses.